Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon -

Some quick thoughts on the new phone.  For what it's worth, my previous phone was an HTC Incredible,  So I'm used to Android, but new to ICS.   Overall, I think the phone is really great.  I like the bigger size and ICS is much nicer that earlier Android releases.   There are some specific issues with it though.

1) IMAP e-mail delete.
Believe it or not, this does not work.   It deletes them from the phone,  but not the server.  So the mail comes back on the next refresh.   This is a real annoyance, as I do this particular operation every time I check e-mail.  So now I have to live with the spam in my in box until I sit down to a real computer to delete them.

I've got  a support request in to verizon - so far they don't understand the problem, but when they do, I suspect they'll point me at POP, which doesn't work given that I use e-mail from multiple systems.

I just don't understand how such a simple bug on a 20-year old protocol goes unacknowledged and unfixed.   IMAP is probably older than must Android developers.   I'm not even sure where the Mail application comes from (Samsung?  Verizon?  Google?).  Everyone gets plausible deniability.

2) Messaging Images
They don't download/upload with Mobile Data off via WiFi.  I'm pretty sure this was an issue with my old phone, which seemed to use "3G" mobile data for this specific issue even when turned off.     But the new phone just fails to up/down load with no error messages.    Seems like it should tell you it can't work over WiFi, but then, why can't it work over wifi?  Must be a case of how hotdogs get made.

3) Ring/Alert Volume
I need it louder.

4) Missing ringtones and wallpapers
Why did ICS ship without earlier ringtones and wallpapers?  I like the live grass one, and the old phone ringtone.   I'm mystified why they were dropped from the release.    Are there Investors out there still expecting to get rich off or ringtone sales?

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