Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blogger Just Isn't Working Out

Taking my last post as an example:   I wrote it originally in the Blogger Android application, then wanted a picture to include, so I used my Android phone, again running Blogger, to take a picture and include it in the post.

Seems like a simple-enough case, using all Google stuff all the way.   A number of things went wrong.  First, after the initial edit, re-opening the post in blogger shows all kinds of tags.  There appears to be no way to switch between text editing and "html" editing in the Android application.

Next, while the photo uploaded into Picasa just fine, Blogger made hash out of it when scaling it for size.   How hard can it be to find decent image scaling code?

And finally - I'm constantly tripped up by needing two Google accounts.  It appears that one Greg Nichols can't edit the other Greg Nichols' posts.  Maybe they both need to be admins?

I'll fight with this some more, but I suspect I've not yet found a suitable home.

Update:  Fixed the picture via Blogger's web interface.

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