Friday, November 16, 2012

2x10 Speaker Cabinet Project

I'm getting new drivers for my pair of 1x10 guitar speakers.  I thought it might be a good idea to make a similar 2x10 cabinet for Matti to play bass though using the old drivers.   Rather than the floor-monitor shape of my 1x10's, I thought I'd go with a more normal stackable box shape.

I started by calculating the volume of my old speakers.   I got 1.4 cubic feet for each speaker.   I like the sound of the old speakers, so it seems the best plan is to use the same volume for the 2x10.

Next, I picked the width and height of the cabinet for a convenient size, and used the volume of 2.8 to get the depth of the cabinet.

I plan to use the same construction technique for the new cabinet: 3/4 plywood case with 1/4 plywood glued on as a veneer, then dress up the edges with 1/4 round.    Matti can then stain it, paint it and/or polyurethane it.

The parts easily fit on a 4x8' sheet of plywood.  I hope to get the store to make the major lengthwise cuts since I don't have a table saw, and it's hard to make those cuts even if I did.  Otherwise I'll lay out the parts across the 4' dimension and use a straightedge and a circular saw.

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