Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Rock

Sometimes I'm asked what kind of music I like, and I struggle with it like a lot of people do.    Post Rock is probably the best description of what I've tended to listen to over the last few years. Wikipedia's Entry is a good starting point.   Rather than split hairs about the definition of the genre, I'll dive into bands I like that fit reasonably well into it, going in roughly decending order of favor.  I'll pick a video and an album to start with for each.


Absolutely the best - guitar, bass and drums at the core, but a broad range of composition, styles and sound design.

Album: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.

Something from "Rave Tapes", a new album comming in January:

Russian Circles

More post-metal at times, featuring lots of looping, repeating patterns and layering.   A standard rock three-piece with lots going on and a super drummer.

Album: Memorial

Boards of Canada

Retro-70's soundtracks and warm analog sounds.   A bit spooky at times.

Album: The Campfire Headphase

Explosions in the Sky

Soft and moody, multiple guitar lines.   Caught my attention via the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights (the movie).

Trans Am

Trans Am brought synthesizers back.   Energetic drumming, up-tempo, a bit geeky.

Album: Sex Change

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